Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Estimating

Estimating a project’s budget involves a number of variable including the project size and scope. At times a project may simply last a few days or weeks, or, other times, they can extend for years. Using available resources can greatly aide in the process of developing and estimating an accurate budget. Below are two resources that can be useful in preparing a project budget.

The Project Management Guru website describes several estimating techniques and procedures.  Additionally, a number of analysis techniques are defined, providing useful information for gauging the most appropriate method for estimating a project’s cost. Most helpful is simply the wide range of techniques used for estimating along with simple scenarios in which the method is most appropriate.

The website is a site related to small business activities. Within the site is a number of useful articles related to project management. The related article contains a variety of techniques useful for estimating project times and cost. The article suggests common sense approaches and offers simple examples to illustrate the techniques. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the site is the number of related articles linked immediately atop the article. Here you will find additional techniques for effective project estimating.  

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  1. Wow! is a comprehensive site on project management and is every PM’s dream come true! This is a very thorough website about project management. I like how every term has a concrete example as a way of illustrating the point. It provides the project manager with some essential ways of managing the project and is a good way of helping novices like us. Thank you for sharing this; I have bookmarked it for future reference.
    Your second resource, , is a complimentary to our course text and again is essential for a student of project management. There is some very sound advice on this page that would be very useful for people undertaking a project for the first time. I also like that it links to additional related articles which can help to further insight into project management. The links to the project management tools are also very useful.