Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Learning Style (Revisited)

Upon first consideration of my personal learning style I considered myself a hand-on visual learner. While I still hold that I learn well through these methods, I have also come to realize that, more than anything, I simply prefer to learn in this way. I enjoy learning through graphs, charts, images, etc. and by interacting with the material that I seek to learn about. I no longer believe that I necessarily learn “best” this way but that it is my preferred learning style.

I find that I use all of the learning theories in some way or another and that each may be applied more than another for any given learning scenario.  I have come to realize that there is no “one best way” in regards to learning theories but more that each theory has implications for understanding how I and others approach learning and potentially learn most effectively.  Of all of the learning theories and epistemologies that we have looked at, with the ever-present and easy access to the information superhighway, I have found myself most drawn to the ideas contained within connectivism. While not truly a learning theory, connectivism touches close to home for me in every aspect of my life. If I am in need of directions, dinner suggestions, application tutorials, or any other piece of information, great or small, it is only a voice command away. I am online virtually (pun intended) any time of day, which makes the acquisition of new information always possible. No longer are the days of scouring through the library for information and resources.

Technology is a huge part of my life. From my personal, social, educational, to vocational activities, I am constantly using technology and looking for new technologies that can enhance my life. Whether it is searching for a new recipe, accessing daily calendar activities, meeting new people, taking online classes, or designing instructional courses, technology and the internet have become central to my lifestyle.  With my new understanding of learning theories, styles, and strategies, I hope to discover ways to incorporate these understandings, not only into my own learning, but also to find ways to implement them into my vocation.


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