Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ID Sites

To the right under the “My Blog List” I have linked to a few very informative blogs on the topic of instructional design and educational leadership. These sites cover a variety of topics and have a large number of professional and informed contributors.

IDD Blog is the instructional design and development blog of DePaul University. While not the most visually appealing site on the internet, what it lacks in design, it more than makes up for with a wealth of scholarly insight. IDD Blog contains discussions from Instructional Design department members covering topics related to opinions on different web tools and programs, general teaching discussions, as well as global technology issues surrounding present day living.  I believe this site will be very useful for myself and beneficial to any educational instructor.

The eLearning Coach is a blog that touches on a wide variety of subjects; from the psychology of learning to design ideas related to online instruction. The site is visually appealing and easy to navigate. It contains discussions for choosing audio, video, and graphics programs as well as tips and tricks related to a variety of design authoring tools. There is a section dedicated solely to resources including tutorial links, stock photo sites, image editing tools and many others. I am looking forward to exploring this site further as it contains a great deal of information that will be useful as both an instructional designer and as a current online learner.

U Tech Tips’ headline is “An International Perspective on Education”. Of the blog links that I have listed, it seems to be far and away the most relevant to technological innovation and its importance in education. The site has primary headings of “21st Century Themes” which covers subject matters such as digital literacy, information media and technology skills, learning and innovation skills, and life and career skills. Another primary heading is “Core Education” which contains posts related curriculum and instruction and learning environments to name a couple. The final main category, other than one for uncategorized posts, is that of “Grade Level”. As you can probably guess, it is subdivided into elementary, middle, and high school links which each contain information relative to grade school education. U Tech Tips is very clean and navigate. In my exploration of instructional design related websites and blogs, this is one that must be checked out!

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